Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video Call service Reduces Customer Services Costs at Etisalat Egypt

­Egypt based mobile network operator, Etisalat Egypt recently deployed a video call based customer care facility from Genesys that the company says has lifted customer satisfaction levels have risen by 11 percent at a time when it has reduced cost per customer contact by two thirds.

Etisalat Egypt has created a multimedia contact centre, combining video, voice, and SMS, with voice recognition, avatars, and other advanced self service choices. More than 41,000 customers use the new contact centre to activate their services without talking to a live agent.

"Etisalat's virtual customer service system has the capacity to handle 70,000 calls per day through self service, and 25,000 via assisted service," commented Bruce Eidsvik, Genesys Vice President for EMEA. "At the heart of the system is Genesys software, which drives virtually every aspect of customer service, including the voice self service, the video-enabled IVR, proactive contact, the underlying business processes, routing between five sites and workforce optimisation.

Bruce Eidsvik, Genesys Vice President for EMEA: "Etisalat created the video capability because, for some customers, traditional self-service systems are too impersonal and prevent a great customer experience. The idea behind video IVR is to leverage the new generation of smart phones to enable consumers to use pictures, voice activated service, and live interactions all from the same device. They are also leveraging SMS text messaging, which is a new and profitable trend among customer service organisations."

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