Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MTN Optimises Network As World Cup Kick-Off Nears

In preparation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, network optimisation firm, Arieso has been working with MTN South Africa to implement a major expansion project for its network using its geo-location solution, ariesoGEO.
Over the past two years, MTN has made extensive investments upgrading of its core network across the country to ensure its readiness for 2010. "Our partnership with Arieso has enabled us to determine accurately which geographic areas need the most attention, to ensure that our network coverage is up to speed to handle the expected demand for both voice and data services," said Sameer Dave, Chief Technology Officer of MTN SA.
He continued, "As Africa's first global sponsor of this major international event, MTN has a responsibility to ensure that our network provides a seamless service to our current customers, and the thousands of international visitors expected in our country next year for the World Cup."
Arieso assessed subscriber generated network data to determine exactly where coverage needed improving. By understanding areas of high call density and identifying locations where users experienced dropped calls, drilled down to an individual building or street intersection, MTN has been able to target its investments effectively to achieve maximum benefits for its customers.
For this project, Arieso analysed two week's worth of data from MTN's network and assessed the traffic density, coverage, interference and pilot pollution to determine which geographic areas of the network would benefit most from additional investment. The data was collected in mid June, a period that included two major sporting events with the British Lions rugby tour and the FIFA Confederations Cup - a perfect data sample ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
ariesoGEO was able to pinpoint exactly where to channel improvements without the need for expensive and inaccurate drive testing. The information will be used to improve mobile broadband coverage country-wide and reduce the number of dropped calls in the network.
"As the World Cup approaches, we needed to explore different ways of enhancing our customer experience," said Thaigan Govender, General Manager of Radio Network Planning and Optimisation of MTN SA. "With many thousands of roaming users set to arrive for the World Cup, MTN needed to ensure that its network was running at the peak of its capabilities. ariesoGEO has provided MTN with all the information it needs to make these decisions and puts it in a strong position to provide a high quality user experience ahead of this major tournament."
ariesoGEO uses data transmitted by mobiles in the normal course of conducting a call and requires no additional hardware, such as network located probes, or GPS capability in handsets, to provide real time or historical analysis.

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