Friday, September 25, 2009

East African Fibre-Optic Summits Takes Off

Kenya is hosting the first East African Fibre Summit which is assessing industry developments as well as the impact this will have on the region.
The two day summit has attracted ICT professional from across the world.
Grace Gathoni of AITEC East Africa told the media, "The East African Fibre Summit will provide a platform for all stakeholders to assess the exciting developments, the impact they will have on their organizations and the optimum technical implementation strategies to gain maximum benefit from the opportunities they represent."
The undersea cable is expected to spur different developments in region once it goes live currently different Internet Service Providers are involved in testing the faster Internet and laying cables within different towns.
Governments and corporate users in the region need to prepare for the transition from a predominantly satellite-based communications infrastructure to a fibre cable-based communications infrastructure.
"By providing a platform for regulators, policy-makers, vendors, service providers and users to network and share knowledge, the Conference will act as a catalyst to stimulate take-up of the right technologies to multiply connectivity across East Africa," she noted.
There is also an urgent need for new approaches to financing and building out information and communication infrastructure.

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