Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Safaricom's Base Station Powers Local School

Kenya's Safaricom has unveiled a new Base Transmission Station in Kacheliba, West Pokot, Rift Valley Province that will also transfer its surplus electricity to the local school.
Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph said the company would continue to roll out its network in all parts of the country, including those traditionally ignored by those driven purely by profit.­
"This BTS is testimony to our resolve to provide modern communication services even in the remotest parts of this country. We are not waiting for regulatory prodding to do it. We are doing it because we know it is the right thing to do.
With a subscriber base of over 14 million, Safaricom already has over 2,000 base stations in all parts of Kenya. During the current financial year, the company plans spend about Sh10 billion (US$132 million) to roll out 477 new BTSs, further deepening the quality of the Safaricom network in Kenya.
"Communication is a critical component of development. Even in hardship situations like the current food shortage and rampant insecurity, it takes communication to mobilize assistance and take stock of how severe the situation is," said Mr. Joseph.

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