Tuesday, September 29, 2009

France Telecom Staff Suicides Now Hits 24 Mark

Officials say a France Telecom employee has killed himself, becoming the giant phone company's 24th worker to commit suicide in 18 months.
Officials in the eastern Haute-Savoie region said the 51-year-old man jumped off a bridge onto a highway on Monday. In a note found in his car, the father of two blamed his act on the "atmosphere" at his workplace.
Earlier this month, French Labor Minister Xavier Darcos ordered an official to monitor France Telecom's health and safety meetings following the spate of suicides.
Unions say the once-state-run company's restructuring could be to blame for some of the suicides by company employees. The company laid off some 22,000 employees in 2006-2008.
-AP News

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