Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Uganda Telecom Launches Solar-Powered ZTE Phone

­Uganda Telecom says that it has secured the exclusive rights to launch a ZTE supplied solar-powered mobile phone in the country. The phone was launched today in Arua, a north eastern district that has historically suffered from limited access to the national electricity grid.
"Uganda Telecom is committed to developing products that are relevant to the communication needs of Ugandans and today we bring you the 'Kasana', Uganda's first solar powered mobile phone", said Mona Lisa Brookshire - Uganda Telecom Chief Marketing and Product Development Officer.
Uganda has a population of 30 million people but the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) puts penetration of mobile telephony at only 30%, more than 80% of whom live in rural areas with just about 10% having access to grid power.
This means that people without ready access to electricity would have to walk long distances to charge their handsets at the nearest power outlet often a trading centre that is miles away.
"The lack of power has been identified as a major barrier to bridging the gap of entry to the digital age largely because the technology then required all mobile phones to be charged using grid power. The 'Kasana' phone is here to solve this problem" she added.

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kiwanuka said...

It is wise for telephone companies to develop products for geographical and occupation markets.The pastrolists are likely to use Google services in search of veterinary services for animals.
Introduce Solar phone kiosks in rural and urban areas.
Uganda has a high volume of cloud cover an impediment for solar density