Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Libyan Airlines To Introduce In-flight Mobile Services

In-flight mobile phone communications vendor, OnAir has announced that Libyan Airlines is to become one of the first African airlines to support mobile phone calls during flights. Mobile OnAir equipment will be installed Libyan Airlines' brand new fleet of seven Airbus A320 aircraft flying routes across Europe and the Middle East. The airline is expecting delivery of the aircraft in 2010.
Capt. Mohamed M. Ibsem, Member of Board of Directors and CEO Libyan Airlines said, "Providing this service will help differentiate us from the competition and is part of our ongoing drive to constantly improve levels of service for our passengers. Aboard these brand new Libyan Airlines aircraft, our passengers will be able to stay in touch with colleagues, family and friends while they travel. We selected OnAir because it offers the best service, is the most technologically advanced system, and represents the best way forward to take advantage of ongoing technology development."
The Libyan Airlines announcement comes amidst mounting demand for in-flight passenger communications. A growing number of commercial airlines and private aviation companies either currently offer OnAir in-flight communications services or will offer them in the near future.
OnAir also serves private VIP and Governmental customers.
According to a recent survey, 93% of passengers who have used Mobile OnAir services on selected flights would like these services to be available on every flight.

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