Saturday, October 31, 2009

Orange Kenya Announces New Internet Tariff Plan

ORANGE has announced a One Kenyan Shilling per MB tariff to become the most affordable internet bundle in Kenya.
This announcement by Orange is one of the first genuine offers in the market, coming in the wake of anticipated lowering of costs by service providers as a result of the landing and commissioning of fibre optic cable networks in Kenya.
According to the recently released 2009 ICT Facts and Figures report, the high price of internet has been highlighted as the major hindrance to this technology penetration in Africa. The continent has the lowest penetration and highest cost of broadband in the world.
Benefiting immensely from existing and recently refurbished fixed and wireless infrastructure in addition to investments made over the last two years in the mobile network, Orange internet now covers 70% of the Kenyan landscape.
Its ability to provide coverage across various technologies has given the company versatility that is currently unmatched in the country.
"Globally, Orange is the leading provider of data services and today I am glad to confirm that locally Orange will now commence a steady but sure process of securing data leadership due to our unmatched ability and capacity to deliver real broadband experience to our customers through a
variety of solutions to suit the dynamic needs of the market," said Mickael Ghossein, Telkom Kenya's chief executive officer.
"In setting the pace, our goal is to ensure more subscribers are able to access faster and high capacity internet through accessing the company intranet for travelling executives, quick email communication for business practitioners or email correspondence between family and friends," said
He revealed that to complement the company's current distribution channels in a bid to increase availability and accessibility, strategic partnerships with key outlets and supermarkets had been signed across the country.
With immediate effect, the wide array of Orange plug and play internet solutions are now available at major supermarkets in Kenya.

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