Monday, July 6, 2009

Vodacom Launches Corporate Magazine in Tanzania

Vodacom mobile company has launched a corporate consumer magazine in Tanzania.

The magazine dubbed "Vodaworld" is set to penetrate the Tanzanian corporate market by 30,000 units per quarter targeted to reach both government and private business entities. 

According to Mwamvita Makamba, the managing editor for the magazine, (also Head of PR & CSR at Vodacom Tanzania) the first issue has gotten instant success by engaging 25 companies to advertise in the magazine. 

"We have gotten off to a successful start, Vodaworld will carry the bulky task of promoting Tanzanian image across the globe and each of its quarterly issues will promote one region in the country as a tourist destination, she explained. 

Companies within Tanzania will be privileged with at least 70 per cent of content in the magazine designated for advertising personal company profiles, and a certain percentage towards government policies. 

The move is timely as it will improve Tanzania's domestic and international recognition in a world that is reeling from the effects of the global recession hence promoting it as favored tourist destination. 

It will be used as an avenue to air Tanzanian natural beauty to the outside world. 

Speaking on behalf of Minister of Communication and Technologies, Prof. Peter Msolla, the director of ICT in Tanzania Dr Zaipuna Yona said, the move augurs well with the governments policy of promoting networking among government and corporate world. 

In a unique gesture the magazine will publicise information on government policies especially the telecommunications sector, the director disclosed in Dar es Salaam.

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