Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Orange Botswana Orders New Billing System From Volubill

Orange Botswana has ordered a billing platform from Volubill to unify charging and access control for all mobile broadband access. Volubill's says that its solution is network independent and provides support to adapt to all data and service architectures.
It handles subscriber usage of IP services including data, content, messaging, VoIP and downloads, and provides capabilities like deep packet inspection (DPI), access control, policy management and traffic shaping, and user experience management for both simple Internet access or content-rich premium services.
When partnered with Volubill's CONTROL-IT product, CHARGE-IT enables end-to-end real-time control, charging and policy management for advanced services.
"Botswana's telecommunications market has grown so fast that operators like Orange Botswana are encountering many of the operational challenges that more established-market providers have been facing for years," said John Aalbers, CEO, Volubill.
"In choosing CHARGE-IT for increased control of pricing and charging policies for advanced service packages, Orange Botswana is better equipped to continue providing a high quality experience and compelling pricing packages to their subscribers. We are proud to have established this partnership with Orange Botswana to help them meet their ongoing business goals."

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