Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dangote GSM Roll-out Faces Hitches

The plan of the Dangote Telecommunication Company to roll out its GSM network has run into hitches. The Dangote Telecommunication Company, a subsidiary of Dangote group said in Lagos yesterday that it cannot roll out its Global System Mobile (GSM) now because of inherent problem associated with carrier of 3G network.


The company's chief operating officer Boye Olasanyan said since the company did bid and secured 3G license in 2006 ,efforts have been on to bring the network into full operation but the market is not yet mature, adding that the company would have to acquire another company with 2G capability and license in order to roll out and function effectively


"We have looked at various option to get 2G license and the only option for us is to acquire a company with 2G system but this option also has its challenges", he said


Olasanyan explained that the company is already working out relationship with another player in the telecommunication sector as this; he said would allow Dangote company to deal effectively with 3G system. "In the next few weeks, we will come out on how we intend to roll out and utilize 3G system effectively", he said


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