Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zain to Commission New Abuja Call Centre

The newly built ultra-modern, multi-million dollar Call Centre established by Zain Nigeria in the nation's capital, Abuja, has commence operations.

The facility, which has already started taking calls from customers, will be formally commissioned in the coming weeks.

Already, the Telco operator has recruited over 700 young graduates (out of a projected 2,000) to man the ultra modern, digitalized call centre in a bid to increase its service level and further boosts its average-speed-of-answer (ASA) to customers' requests.

The new facility, which is estimated at about $25 million, is expected to revolutionalise customer service delivery in Nigeria's telecommunications landscape as it will enable the company provide up-to-the-minute solutions to its customers.

Chief Operating Officer of Zain Nigeria, Khaled Khorshid explained that the speedy completion of the new call centre in Abuja is an attestation to Zain's commitment to improve the quality of customer experience across major touch points in the country, adding that the move further demonstrates the company's desire to meet the demands of all its customers.

According to Khorshid, the establishment of the new call centre is in line with Zain's core objective of creating a wonderful world for its customers. "The customer is king and in Zain, we strive to cater for customer' needs by providing superior customer care experience. This is our focus and the core of our business. We are not a technology company, we are here to serve our people", he said.

He further revealed that the Abuja call centre staff have been equipped with first-rate training to enable them provide top of the line solutions, which will meet the needs and desires of customers.

The COO also disclosed that Zain's passion for customer service since its inception in 2001 has enabled the company to dominate the customer care category in industry awards. Recently, Thisday readers, in a poll, rated the company the Most Consumer-centric Network, citing its free customer care line and excellent handling of customer complaints.


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