Friday, July 31, 2009

Vodacom Users To Use M-Pesa To Pay Power Bill in Tanzania

Vodacom Tanzania subscribers are now able to pre-pay for their electricity via the M-Pesa mobile payments service. This project is a joint venture between Vodacom Tanzania and the electricity generator, Tanesco.
Vodafone M-PESA is an electronic (e-money) account that provides customers with a means of converting real money into electronic money and to then use this electronic money in various ways. It is through this e-money that Vodacom customers are now able to pay for LUKU (Prepaid electricity), specifically for those wit digital LUKU meters.
During the announcement, Vodacom Director for Vodacom Business, Dylan Lennox said, "we are very proud to provide this service to our customers. We believe with the busy lives may of us lead this product comes at an ideal time. Vodafone M-PESA has revolutionised the way many Tanzanians mange their money, and progressively pay for their daily expenses."
Vodacom is also working on a number of other projects including facilitating the payment of school fees.
Speaking on the project, Tanesco Acting Managing Director, Mr. Declan Mhaiki, said "This project is a sign of our joint commitment for maximizing customer satisfaction based on the need to attend to ever increase demand for LUKU recharge centres especially in the rural areas where customers had to travel long distances to look for the service,

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