Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zain Expands Fibre Network in Nigeria by 600km

­Zain Nigeria is expanding its existing 4000 km nationwide fiber backbone network by a further 600km, and has awarded a contract to Nokia Siemens Networks for the expansion. Phase 2 will extend the fiber optic backbone, and will be delivered completely within a timeframe of six months.

"Our aim is to create wide capacity for Nigeria's growing number of customers demanding high quality broadband services by deploying self owned fiber," said Zain Nigeria's Chief Operating Officer, Khaled Khorshid.

"Following the initial project with Nokia Siemens Networks that was completed four months ahead of schedule, we knew they had the high standards and commitment to meet our delivery expectations. The benefit of a quick deployment is the significant revenue stream the new capacity generates for us, in addition to high savings as a result of reduced fiber leasing costs." Khorshid said.

Awarded the original project in November 2007, at Zain's request, Nokia Siemens Networks sped up the project's preliminary deadline of June 2009, and completed Phase 1 of the project by end February.

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