Thursday, July 2, 2009

Orange Kenya Introduces WAP Services

Telkom Kenya has launched a wireless application protocol (WAP) portal that will enable its mobile subscribers to have access to the internet.
Launched under the Orange World brand, the portal is an online gateway that will offer subscribers instant and fast access to news, sports, games, listings, travel information and entertainment while on the move. 
Telkom Kenya confirmed that for the next one month, Orange Mobile subscribers will access the service free of charge, with no price increase on a user's monthly tariff.
Head of Marketing and Strategy Jean-Michel Chanut is confident that WAP-enabled phone handsets will soon usurp current handsets.
"This will probably be the next must-have accessory. Our service will be affordable and phone handset prices will probably experience a substantial price drop in the next few months."
To connect to Orange World, a user requires a WAP or internet-enabled phone with an Orange card.
The user launches the browser application and selects home, which then enables them to surf all available content as they normally would on the web.
Orange World content is categorised to include news, sports and economy in the information section.
There is the fun categories for ring tones, wallpapers and animations, and tools category that has information on pharmacies, administration, embassies, airlines companies, hotels, banks, pray hours, travel agencies, car rental, emergencies, car rental, emergency numbers, hospitals and my page categories; for price for various contents.
'This new service falls in line with our strategy for the next three or four years, where we are looking at being the leader in the areas we are strong and that includes broadband services," said Telkom Kenya chief executive, Mickael Ghossein.           

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