Monday, June 8, 2009

Zain Kenya Introduces Toll-Free Calling

Zain Kenya has launched a toll free service, Zain 0800, that will
allow customers to call corporate clients without being charged. By
calling through the Zain 0800 service, the cost incurred from all the
incoming calls will be borne by the corporate client.

The calls rates will be billed to the corporates at different rates,
between KES1 and KES5, depending on the specifications chosen by each
organisation. The service, which is only accessible to Zain customers,
will be limited to local calls only.

Corporates who subscribe to the Zain 0800 service will be accorded a
six digit number of their choice preceded by the 0800 prefix. "This
service will enhance interaction between corporates and their
customers and also increase response times," said Mr. Rene Meza,
Managing Director Zain Kenya.

"The market response to the various value added initiatives has been
very promising. The growth in mobile telephony in Kenya is quite
fast-paced as customers continue to seek for new applications and uses
available in the sector," Mr. Meza said.

Since rebranding late last year, Zain Kenya has been focusing on
rolling out value added services in a bid to build up its market
share. During the period, Zain has launched an m-commerce platform
Zap, a caller Ring Back Tone service, Ziki and a loyalty programme
dubbed Rewardz.

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