Friday, June 19, 2009

Ghana Now Requires EIA For New Phone Towers

Ghana's phone networks will be required to seek environmental permits
for all proposed mast sites before installation under new rules
announced by the Ministry of Environment Science and Technology.

A statement signed by Miss Sherry Aryittey, Minister for Environment
Science and Technology said each investor must complete an
environmental assessment registration form and submit to the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a site plan duly signed by
licensed surveyor, block plan, evidence of neighborhood consultation
and a lease agreement.

"This directive has become necessary because investigations conducted
indicate that the installation of most of these masts were mounted
without the necessary permit from the EPA and these have resulted in
numerous complaints concerning potential public health risks and
safety of such installations particularly those located in residential
areas," the statement said.

The statement also warned land owners not to permit the construction
of towers on land which is not approved for that purpose. The warning
was particularly aimed at residential properties in towns and cities
where space for towers is in already short supply.

The country has five mobile networks, with a sixth due to start
shortly - and estimates from the Mobile World analysts shows that the
country ended Q1 '09 with just under 11.8 million customers,
representing a population penetration level of 50%.

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