Monday, June 22, 2009

Orascom Settles Tchad Mobile Dispute

Reuters reports that Egypt's Orascom Telecom (OT) has announced that
it has received USD4.9 million from Chad in a settlement over
ownership of a Chadian mobile operator. Chad's telecommunications
ministry, the Office Tchadien de Regulation des Telecommunications
(OTRT), invalidated the transfer of a 51% stake in Tchad Mobile from
fixed line incumbent SOTEL, which would have given OT outright

The Chadian Ministry of Telecommunications questioned the validity of
the transfer, despite the fact that a valid agreement was entered into
in late 2002 between the two companies. As a result the Egyptian firm
suspended the operations of Tchad Mobile in July 2004. OT took the
case to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in March 2005,
which ruled against SOTEL and the Chadian government

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