Monday, June 8, 2009

"EASSy Project on Course"

The East African Submarine Cable (Eassy) management committee has
assured East Africans that it will not reschedule the timeframe of
finalising the project that will help to bring reliable and affordable
communication in the region.

A statement released after the committee�s meeting in the Comoros said
the ongoing undersea telecommunication infrastructure project would be
completed towards the end of next June as planned.

The undersea cable system, linking East Africa to the rest of the
world with a fibre optic network, is being constructed by Alcatel

"This project remains on track for completion as planned and the
upgrading of telecoms infrastructure in East Africa will lead to a
welcome increase in the development of the economy and empowerment of
the region," Zantel Tanzania's CEO, Mr Noel Herrity, said in a

Comoros President Abdullah Ahmed Sambi chaired the meeting.

Marine survey work that commenced in December, last year, has been
completed and all permits at the landing stations have been obtained.

The work to manufacture cables for the project started in February,
this year, and has been completed by 40 per cent.

EASSy is a consortium of 27 operators that seek to build an open
access to the international fibre optic submarine cable. They include,
among others, Tanzania's Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited,
Zantel and Vodacom.

The nine cable landing stations namely � Port Sudan, Djibouti,
Mogadishu, Mombassa, Dar es Salaam, Moron, Toliary, Maputo and
Mtunzini � are in final stage of construction.

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