Friday, May 29, 2009

Vodacom Introduces Location-Specific Advertising

South Africa's mobile operator Vodacom has launched a new
location-based advertising offering. The location-specific advertising
is currently being trialed on Vodacom's mobile social network, The
Grid, with partners Nando's, Sportscene, Jay Jays and Cape Town-based
pharmacy group Synergy.

The ads are delivered based on a user's (mobile phone) location. The
ads are delivered within a 10km radius of the user, making it possible
to promote a special offer available at a specific store. Through the
new Grid website, location-specific banner ads are delivered to a
user's dashboard once logged in.

A web-based location targeted ad will tell a user how far they are
from the store's physical location, for example "this is a
location-based ad approximately 283m from you". Once a user clicks on
the ads they are taken through to the location of that store on a Grid
map. The ads are charged on a cost-per-click model, making it
affordable and possible for companies and brands to tailor their
advertising needs specific to different stores or promotions.

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