Monday, May 18, 2009

Telkom Disputes MTN Claims Over Service Quality

South Africa's dominant landline operator, Telkom has rejected the claims made last week by MTN's Managing Director, Tim Lowry, where he blamed Telkom - in part - for the mobile network operators quality of service difficulties.

In a statement, the landline operator said "It is ironic and unacceptable that every time some of the mobile operators are made to account for their network availability and reliability, blame is conveniently apportioned to Telkom. Over the last few weeks (the period for which the mobile operators have reportedly been asked to explain their network quality to ICASA), there were no extraordinary circumstances or network problems on the Telkom network that could have contributed to the problems encountered by MTN or the other mobile operators."

Also, Telkom noted that delays in messaging and dropped calls is not a function of its access or core network but a reflection of the switching and transmission capacity of the mobile operators' network dimensioning practices.

In view of these considerations, Telkom says that MTN should be challenged to prove to the public that the dropped calls and SMS issues can be directly correlated to Telkom over the past month.

Telkom also said that it has not only maintained its SLAs with all the mobile operators but has also provided links to the mobile operators in a prioritised way as dictated by them over the past 24 months.

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