Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Senegal's Former PM Offers to Buy Stake in Sonatel to Stave off Foreign Interest

Senegal's former Prime Minister, Mustafa Niasse Alliance has indicated his intention to buy into Sonatel, a move he hopes will prevent the government from selling part of its stake to foreigners. 

The Sonatel workers pursue their meetings with leaders of opinion in the country to convince State not to consider selling its shares to France Telecom. This Friday, may 8, they were sacred Cœur at Headquarters the afp where they exchanged on the issue with the Secretary-General of the party said. 

Mustafa Niasse who expressed solidarity with the Sonatél emloyeess has advocated, on occasion, a national preference when it comes to assign to-DOS also strategic as the Sonatel business. Thus, the former Prime Minister expressed ready to become a shareholder in society, just to preserve national interests. 

The State having already decided to no longer sell 9,87 % of its shares to France Telecom, the Sonatel workers continue to interact with the different layers of society just to call the State, the next time to consult with workers to take an also heavy decision therefore that this sale would of France Telecom company shareholder. 

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