Friday, May 29, 2009

Mobinil In Network Upgrade With Cisco's Next Generation Protocol

Cisco Systems says that it has been working with Egypt's Mobinil to
deliver a single Cisco Internet Protocol Next-Generation Network
(IP-NGN). The new IP-based infrastructure will help to reduce network
complexity and management costs and enhance network reliability.

"Today and in the future, customers are demanding a significant amount
of data services to be made available via their mobile phones.
Previously, we had a number of complex disparate networks delivering
services to our customers, which were extremely expensive to manage,"
commented Mr. Hassan Kabbani, president and CEO for Mobinil. "We
estimate that if we had not deployed a Cisco platform we would have
had to increase our infrastructure 10-fold in the core network just to
carry all the different services to meet customer needs."

Mobinil will be delivering a suite of data, voice and video services
over a IP-NGN, using Cisco XR 12410 Routers and the Cisco CRS-1
Carrier Routing System.

Posted to the site on 29th May 2009

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