Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ethiopia Launches Multi Million Network

Ethiopia launched on Sunday a multi million mobile telephone network to increase its mobile telephone subscribers to 12 million from the current 4.1 million.

Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC) said that a six million expansion work for the mobile telephone is being carried out in the first phase of the project.

Ethiopia, home to 77 million people is still among the countries with low telephone network in Africa.

Ethiopia is also known for its expensive price of mobile telephone SIM card.

However, the corporation announced a price decrease as of April 2 2009

The previous $ 36 cost for the prepaid mobile phone SIM card was reduced to $ 16.

The price is still expensive compared to other African countries where SIM card is available for $ 5 and less.

The charge for replacement of lost or damaged SIM card was also lowered to $ 1.2 from $ 2.5 previously.

“The move was aimed at benefiting the public from the ever expanding telecom services in the country,” said ETC.