Friday, August 13, 2010

Neotel Launches Prepaid Broadband

South African telco Neotel has launched pre-paid broadband services on its network, it has reported.

Branded ‘NeoConnect Lite Pre-paid’, the service incorporates voice telephony, SMS and basic internet connectivity. The service will be delivered over Neotel’s fixed-wireless service. Utilising a NeoConnect Lite desktop phone, which doubles up as an internet access device, NeoConnect Lite Pre-paid supports peak data speeds of 156kbps, although Neotel have clarified that realistic speeds will be between 50kbps and 70kbps.

The company confirmed that it is currently developing pre-paid services for its NeoConnect Prime and NeoFlex products. Wandile Zote, head of corporate communication at Neotel commented: ‘For many South Africans, the ability to choose pre-paid as a payment method is not just a lifestyle option - it's an economic necessity’. Neotel first signified its intention to launch its pre-paid broadband service in March 2010.

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