Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ETC Acquires New Satelite System

Gilat Satellite Networks has announced that it is providing a broadband satellite communications network to Ethiopia's monopoly telecoms operator, Ethiopian Telecommunication (ETC).

The new network, covering hundreds of sites, will provide an upgrade to ETC's existing Gilat VSAT network and will enable ETC to deliver advanced broadband services, which include video and data-centric applications, to meet the growing demands of its enterprise and government customers. ETC will also deploy Gilat's VSATs at remote community centers nationwide to provide citizens with toll-quality telephony and reliable broadband internet access.

ETC will additionally enhance its service offering by extending the range of cellular services to the country's remote locations, through Gilat's SkyAbis cellular backhaul solution.

"Gilat's technology has proven to be the most reliable, and has enabled us to improve the quality of ICT in Ethiopia," said ETC's CEO, Ato Amare Amsalu. "In addition to being an excellent technology partner, we have also enjoyed outstanding service and support from Gilat for the past 12 years. We look forward to continuing to work together with Gilat to fulfill our commitment to provide advanced services that meet the critical communications requirements of our customers throughout the country."

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