Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mobinil Denies It's Late In Paying 3G Dues

­Egypt's Mobinil has refuted local media claims that it is late in making payments for its 3G radio spectrum. Although there is a delay in making the payment, the company says that this is due to the late release of radio spectrum by the telecoms regulator, not a failure at its end.

"The payment is ready and we can do it at any time," Mobinil CEO Hassan Kabbani told Reuters, adding that the payment would be made once the firm received the spectrum frequency and other information related to the licence.

The Al Borsa newspaper reported earlier this week that Mobinil had fallen behind on the EGP750 million payment.

The company faced multiple delays in being granted access to its radio spectrum in 2008 when it was originally awarded its 3G license. The company was forced to delay the launch of its network, and at the time, also deferred payments to the regulator until the spectrum was released.

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